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Learn the skills, strategies, and tools you need
to build a thriving network marketing business.


Learn how to confidently build your Network Marketing Business.... with PURPOSE.


There are tons of mistakes I see when people try to grow their network marketing business:
posting and “praying” that something will happen, “selling,” and not knowing how to talk about
their opportunity in a non-salesy way.


  • Can you imagine how it would feel to always have engaging content and training to share with your team?
  • What if you were able to learn the necessary skills and actually implement them with actionable steps in your business?


Introducing The Network Marketing Academy

This online membership will teach you everything you need to know to grow and build your network marketing business.


Here’s how The Network Marketing Academy is different from other memberships:
The Network Marketing Academy is the first of its kind that focuses on the four key areas to grow your business: Mindset, Organization, Social Media, and Lead Generation. 

Introducing the new (and IMPROVED) Network Marketing Academy!

You asked, we listened! With the new layout of the monthly masterclasses, you will receive monthly training focusing on one of the 4 topics (mindset, organization, social media or lead generation). You will have exclusive access to a monthly workbook to help you along in your journey and a toolkit of resources to help you grow your business and engage your team!

  • Mindset.

    Do you get easily discouraged? Do you feel that you react badly to stress?  Does Anxiety creep in more often than you would like? 


    These are all common scenarios, and the good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Through specific techniques and awareness, your ability to react in positive ways in situations that used to control you, will improve significantly!

  • Organization.

    Do you lack a system for your business?  Do you struggle to stay focused AND consistent in your business?


    This segment of the course offerings will guide you through to ways that will change your life!  The trainings will be beneficial to you on a business and personal level.

  • Social Media.

    Do you want to attract your target audience?  Do you want to build relationships that will allow your business to flourish?  Do you want access to the best, up to date ways to use social media to your advantage? 


    If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re in the right spot.  There will be courses available on these very topics.

  • Lead Generation.

    Save time and concentrate on what works best to generate leads for your business.  Through this specific monthly training, you will advance your lead generation skills to feel nearly automatic and like 2nd nature. 


    In no time, you will be collecting new leads, generating more sales and continuing to attract your target audience with ease.


  • Grow Your Mindset


  • Build Your Team


  • Build Your Presence
    on Social Media


  • Get Organized


  • How to Engage
    with Prospects


  • Learn New Skills



  • The exact tools you need to start building your personal brand and business online.

  • Proven techniques to grow your business and your team.

  • Simple things you can do (right away!) to set yourself and your team up for success.

  • Monthly trainings focused on: Mindset, Organization, Social Media, and Lead Generation.

  • Templates, workbooks, and training that you can share with your team to keep them engaged!

  • Community with other Network Marketers like you looking to grow!

  • Plus a special bonus

    • How to Structure a Sales Call Course!
    • Bonus library with over 12+ resources, templates and training to use with your team!
    • Weekly Facebook Lives (including special guests, top network marketing leaders!!)
    • FB Community 
  • Get instant access today!

    When you add that all up, it comes out to an extreme value, but you can enroll today for this special investment. No contracts, cancel anytime!

    Are you ready to start really building your Network Marketing Business?



 Scott Aaron is your new business coach!! Internationally acclaimed and award-winning network marketer, author, podcaster and speaker, Scott Aaron, is the go-to specialist when it comes to converting traffic, establishing connections, creating residual income using Linked Leads Generation®, and building personal brands.

  • Starting his own network marketing business just six years ago, Scott saw massive opportunities that the internet had to offer. Fully immersing himself in learning Linked leads generation and social media strategies, Scott quickly gained traction as a leader in generating big results for other network marketers, online business owners, and internet marketers, all while generating a multiple six-figure business himself.  

  • Scott is passionate about helping fellow network marketers achieve success while building their own network organically and without complicated and costly marketing tactics. He has helped thousands of network marketers, entrepreneurs, and individuals experience explosive growth following his programs.

  • People-focused and result-driven, Scott's strategic approach to teaching others how to create wealth online and organic traffic is the game changer when it comes to competing in a saturated digital world.


1) Looking to improve your network marketing business!

2) Actively working on self-development and growing your skills and business!

3) Looking to engage your team and clients in a whole new way!

There's no time like the present.

Don’t let another year go by before you start treating your network marketing business like a real business… You don't have to research and try to figure it out. This is why The Network Marketing Academy exists.

What people asked before signing up for
the Network Marketing Academy:


Do I need this course? If you want to learn a simple, streamlined way to level up your organization,
social media, lead generation, and mindset skills, then yes.


"I want to thank you so much for the way that you have structured the academy! You are giving us tasks out of the gate that are so doable and simple to get done, so you instantly feel successful!"


— Joylene S


"I joined in March this year, I just found the tips are really great, and you can go back and re-watch things like the mindset training, how to use a specific social media program, there's so much content that is so valuable! You definitely need to get on this, if you're looking to up level your business."


— Kim R


"I love the pacing out of the gate, when you are starting out this pacing feels yummy and I am excited for more!!"


— Joylene S

"If you were like me and you're a little bit frustrated, a little bit aggravated, don't really know where you need to be spending your time, whether it's social media or other platforms and how you build your business and get business builders. ... I had my aha moment with the Network Marketing Academy. 1) It helped me get grounded in my why 2) It exposed me to the opportunity to talk to people all over the world and how to have better conversations and not be personally connected to the outcome (it's their decision not ours) ... but wow! What a difference when we get outside of social media, who wants to run off their friends and family? I didn't. ... but I definitely wanted business builders to be on my side and be able to get more confident having better conversations, and that is exactly what I've learned and exactly what I'm doing every day, and I love what we continue to learn in the network marketing academy."


— Michelle S


"I joined the Network Marketing Academy this past year and the one thing I really love about this academy is that no matter where you are at in the business, you could be brand new or could be in the business for years like myself, you are going to get lots of great content, lots of great action steps and accountability that you need. So, whether you are brand new and you need to know what to do, Scott gives you simple steps what to do to build your vision, do your calendar, he does different mindset, social media and organizational training. It's everything everyone needs when they are building their network marketing business. It's also fantastic to have when building a team, because it's affordable, it's not time consuming, and you have accountability. So, it's a no brainer, the other thing I just love Scott, he's so caring and so giving and he is always there to answer any questions you have! I highly recommend joining!"


— Val G

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